We are Heavy Baggage Design, a creative duo formed by an architect (Evangelia Giapoutzi) and a scenographer (Athanasia Tsoukala) sharing common backgrounds and visions of the world that joined passions in 2015.

Our name references to the cultural baggage we carry, one so heavy that is impossible to ignore, a gift and a burden at the time.

We draw inspiration from Greek culture and history to deliver design for everyone. Our references are local yet universal. Our designs always tell a story.

As of 2016 we have a brick and mortar shop, From Thessaloniki, located in the heart of the city. We keep ourselves busy curating our product range, welcoming new Greek designers to our shop and providing design solutions to other professionals.


Wholesale inquiries

Interested in selling our Heavy Baggage Design products? We will be glad to collaborate with you.


Corporate and congress gifts, bespoke merchandising

We design all the time for ourselves; we will happily adopt our designs to your needs or design a brand new product for you.


For wholesale inquiries or custom design projects, please contact us at info@fromthessaloniki.gr

From Thessaloniki, with love